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Getting earlier access to rolling out features than my clients?

This is specifically related to Microsoft Office 365, but I suppose it could apply to Microsoft 365 as well as Dynamics 365.


It appears that when features roll out, at a given release preference/cadence, that the newest/youngest tenants get them first, which inevitably means that I, as a partner with a relatively ancient tenant, am always last on the list. I could be wrong, but that's the pattern I notice. I've certainly noticed it with Teams.


When new features are announced and they are flighting as "rolling out" and the message center says something like, "you'll see these new features soon", it seems that at a given release preference, I wish that Partners could elect to be near the front of that queue to receive these features in their tenants. Almost without fail, my clients get these features well in advance of me, and I've got no way of providing first-hand support for the new features as they light up for them. I know one way to address this would be to ensure that I as a partner am on a first-release cadence, and that my clients are on a slower release cadence, however, I have numerous clients that *want* to be on first release. Even in those situations, I find I am continually the last one to join the party. Getting these features earlier would be beneficial, if for no reason other than to give me more time to understand them.


I guess my suggestion is this - give partners the option to be near the front of the queue as feature roll-outs are executed for Office 365, to at least ensure that we have access to these features ahead of our clients. 


Not directly an answer to your question, but alternative approach.

As a partner you might have access to demos.microsoft.com - this allows to create a fresh tenant with demo data in it. Tenant will only be kept for 3 months - also great for testing scenarios where you don't want to customize your own produiction tenant to much.

Kind regards, Janosch
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I am. It doesn't seem to have any bearing on cloud-features in Office 365. For example, anxiously awaiting Teams App settings in Teams admin. Several of my clients have it - I don't. I'm in Insider. They are not.

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Might consider joining insiders program.