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Configure Office Online Apps to Use Specific Proofing Language


Does anyone have any experience in switching the default proofing language from US English to something more appropriate (e.g. UK English) for all users in a tenant? There's a suggestion to make it easier to do on Uservoice https://office365.uservoice.com/forums/264636-general/suggestions/19441915-ability-to-change-the-proofing-language-for-all-us but it's not due anytime soon. I've been working with MS support to look at various settings langauge settings thoughout 365, but I reckon the proofing language is embedded in the template each app loads up from the users OneDrive, so any solution would need to change those templates in bulk, and upload them into every provisioned OneDrive. As there's no UK English display language for OneDrive, we get American proofing tools. This is obviously pretty important for education customers. Thoughts?