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What's New in Microsoft Teams | Ignite 2020

For those of you who watched the Microsoft #Teams sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2020, you are fully aware of the incredibly many new features that were announced at #MSIgnite last week, such as:
☑️ breakout rooms (YES!)
☑️ custom layouts (very cool)
☑️ background noise filtering
☑️ pinning important posts to top 

☑️ touchless meeting experiences (w. new devices)

☑️ Power Platform integration in Teams

☑️ new calling experiences

☑️ and so much more...

Read all about the new Teams announcements in this excellent blog post.

My Top 10 Tips & Tricks

In addition to the new features announced at #MSIgnite, here’s a list of some of my all-time favorite features and aspects of Teams, old and new:

  1. Using Teams on the go (the mobile app is excellent!)
  2. Pinning my most used channels to the top (totally necessary if you're part of many teams)
  3. Using blurred or custom background on video in meetings
  4. Tagging relevant people in posts & comments (then they'll get a notification)
  5. Meeting notifications “5 minutes left” (so convenient for meeting wrap-up)
  6. Marking chat as important/urgent (extra notification for the recipient - necessary not to over-use)
  7. Private channels - access-controlled (really great for sensitive stuff)
  8. Adding Planner/Tasks to tabs & sidebar (so much easer to keep track of everything you need to do)
  9. Adding things like Shifts, Approval & PowerApps to the sidebar (the possibilities are really endless) 
  10. Raising a virtual hand for questions in meetings and reacting to comments in chat

Yes... you guessed it. I ❤️ Teams!


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The link to the blogpost doesn't work


Well spotted @DennisTh - I've updated the link but here it is just in case: https://blogs.microsoft.com/latinx/2020/09/22/whats-new-in-microsoft-teams-microsoft-ignite-2020/