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UPCOMING WEBINARS | Modern Work & Security

We all know that making learning an integral part of our work brings value to what we do and ensures that we don't become dinosaurs in our own field of business. Most of us agree that technology is taking leaps like never before which is why prioritizing learning has never been more important.


Upcoming Events and Webinars on Modern Work & Security
There really is an abundance of events, webinars, and trainings on Modern Work and Security that are specifically held to support partners being on top of the latest and greatest for maximum customer value and business growth. Here are some of the events that we recommend for partners:


  • Microsoft 365 Webinar Series - 8 events from Feb 10 to March 9
    On a quarterly basis, Microsoft offers partners a series of webinars that provide training and resources to help you grow your revenue by enabling your customers to build highly productive, collaborative workplaces. It's possible to register for all sessions in the Microsoft 365 webinar series or just individual sessions based on your interests. This time it's a total of 8 webinars the first taking place on February 10 and the last on March 9, ranging from teamwork to compliance and security. 


  • Monthly CSP spotlight Call - Feb 10 at 9:00 CET
    These live monthly webinars on the latest CSP licensing information is available for all CSP partners, including Direct Bill, Indirect Providers and Indirect Resellers. These calls are not only intended for Modern Work & Security but cover all aspects of the CSP licensing portfolio and is highly relevant for partners. Note that these webinars are recorded so you can watch them on demand later if you can't make it to the live call. 


  • Microsoft 365 Virtual Training Day - February 18 & 19
    This customer and partner event is all about enabling secure remote work with Microsoft Teams. Barely 4 years old, this tool has proven vital in the last year to provide a remote workforce with the tools, resources, and solutions they need to stay connected and productive - and yet, most users only use a fraction of the possibilities provided by Teams. Hence this event!


  • Microsoft Tech Touchpoint - February 23 at 14:00 CET
    February 23rd will be a busy day. One of three events taking place that day is the local series called "Microsoft Tech Touchpoint" which is also the only event held in Danish and is intended for customers and partners alike. This time the topic revolves around the question: "Digitalization - and what then?" a topic many organizations and managers have asked themselves. 


  • Managed Desktop Technical Webinar - February 23 at 15:00 CET
    The second event to take place on February 23 is a special online event for customers (and interested partners) to discuss how they can modernize and manage their desktops. The webinar is a technical one and will go through the details of Microsoft Managed Desktop and how the service can accelerate the move towards Modern Management of Windows 10. 


  • Microsoft Viva - February 23 at 17:00 CET
    We want to end on a high note and especially highlight one specific partner event of the upcoming M365 webinar series, taking place on the notorious February 23rd. The event is called "Empower People and Teams with Microsoft Viva" and is, as the name implies, focused around the newly announced and highly exciting Microsoft Viva solution.


Last but not least, we want to give our training calendar a shout out. That is where partners can always stay up to date on the latest trainings available (see in Danish or English). There you can filter down to dates, solution areas, technology, different types of audiences (e.g. technical, sales, licensing, development etc.), industries and so on. Pretty convenient if I say so myself. 


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