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[TECH & SALES TRAINING] Delivering Frontline Solutions to Customers Bootcamp

When: Feb. 23 to Feb. 25


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More than 2 billion frontline workers are at the forefront of many major industries, but less than 25% of these workers say they have the right technology to do their job. And with the recent acceleration of remote and hybrid work models, this lack of technological support becomes even more challenging.


Day one of the bootcamp will be focused on pre-sales and day two and three will be focused on technical training. This bootcamp is a great opportunity for those who are new to the frontline workforce practice or simply want to learn more about it. Subject matter experts from Microsoft will offer both technical and pre-sales guidance for how to create and land frontline solutions for customers across all industries


In addition, we will be having a Microsoft Teams App Development & Microsoft Graph Integration webinar on Feb 17. This webinar is an excellent technical introduction for those who are interested in the business opportunity in building apps for Microsoft Teams, and in adding integration with Microsoft Graph.