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Modern Work & Security Forum

A forum for Danish and Icelandic partners to discuss everything related to Modern Work & Security + stay up-to-date on events


Secure your organization and your customers: useful resources

With new threats constantly emerging, security must remain a top priority. Strengthen your security posture and navigate the evolving threat landscape with Microsoft cybersecurity useful resources available in this new partner web page that aggregates security guidance, best practices, learning content and more. Learn more here.


Security Through the Lens of Zero Trust Webinar Series | January 30 - March 21:
Join this 2-day webinar to learn the security features and capabilities available within Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 that can help your customers easily protect their identity, network and infrastructure workloads hosted in hybrid and cloud environment. You will also learn how an integrated XDR solution can be used to monitor and track security incidents related to the workloads -> Register here