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Migration from an on-premises SIEM to Azure Sentinel - Blog series

In today’s workplace, the security perimeter extends to the home, airports, the gym—wherever you are. To keep pace, organizations require a security solution that delivers centralized visibility and automation; one that can scale to meet their needs across a decentralized digital estate. As a cloud-native security information and event management (SIEM) solution, Microsoft Azure Sentinel is designed to fill that need, providing the scope, flexibility, and real-time analysis that today’s business demands. 


In this blog series, we’ll look at planning and undertaking a migration from an on-premises SIEM to Azure Sentinel,

  1. beginning with the advantages of moving to a cloud-native SIEM, as well as preliminary steps to take before starting your migrationPreparing for your migration from on-premises SIEM to Azure Sentinel
  2. then looking at ways to manage the transitional phase of your migration. How to manage a side-by-side transition from your traditional SIEM to Azure Sentinel
  3. and concluding by looking at best practices for migrating your data and detections while operating side-by-side with your on-premises SIEM, as well as ways to maximize Azure Sentinel’s powerful automation capabilities to streamline common tasks. Migrating content from traditional SIEMs to Azure Sentinel