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Microsoft Viva Roadmap

When Microsoft Viva was announced in February, there was a lot of buzz in the market. This new employee experience platform was very exciting.


Since then, the specifics around the four aspects of Microsoft Viva (Insights, Topics, Learning and Connections) have become clearer and it’s safe to say that the roadmap and timeline for Viva is pretty exciting! 




Pricing will be $4/user/month per product. (Note: Connections will stay free and available for all Sharepoint users).


Also announced last week around Viva:

  • New Partner Integrations: Several new partners including Workday, Qualtrics, and ServiceNow, adding to our existing ecosystem of partners like SuccessFactors, Glint and Headspace. These partner integrations will all be available this fall.
  • Announcing developer APIs to help our partners and developers integrate with, build on, and extend their apps into Viva. This includes APIs for Viva Connections (available later this year) and Viva Learning (in preview later this year).
  • Viva Topics can now be integrated into Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections.

This is just a few of the new and exciting announcements and options available.


In regards to the timelines, the image below shows the Viva roadmap. In short, all four solutions within Viva will be fully and generally available in the fall of 2021.


As Viva is clearly something that a lot of customers are very interested in, not least after a year and a half of more than unusual times in the workplace, we suggest that partners familiarize themselves with everything that has to do with Microsoft Viva and how they can best help customers make the most of the platform for the greatest possible employee experience and performance.


Follow all the latest on Microsoft Viva at microsoft.com/viva