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Microsoft Teams Calling Experience

Microsoft Teams has become a household brand worldwide and yet, many users are not aware of all the many capabilities of Teams. 

The Starting Point

The starting point for using Teams is usually joining a Teams meeting (often with video) and then soon after learning how to create your own Teams meeting. The chat function usually comes next and general users seem to pick up speed fast when it comes to learning and navigating the chat. For far too many users, however, that's as far as the usage goes. So many people are not yet making the most of the collaborative functions of Teams. 


The Next Step

But as has been emphasized many times before, Teams is not merely a video meeting and chat tool, it is so much more. As Teams adoption increases, users learn how to create, use and navigate the Teams sites and channels, add tabs to the channels, share documents and collaborate on them in real time. As users learn more about all those functions, the tool becomes a more and more important part of everyday work, rapidly increasing the productivity of each employee.


Making the most of Microsoft Teams is not only important for the individual employee to stay up to date and be as effective as possible, it should be the concern of every manager (and not only the IT manager) that their employees are well versed in the possibilities that Teams offers. 

Getting Advanced
For the most advanced, Teams can be the perfect place to truly enhance the way we work. By using Power Automate to automate processes, adding third party apps or even creating your own apps through Power Apps, e.g. to integrate other tools and gateways into other systems may sound advanced but can really revolutionize the workplace. Slowly but steadily, people start to realize that Teams is in essence a platform with endless possibilities. 

According to Forrester's Total Economic Impact report on Microsoft Teams, just reducing the time spent switching between applications each day and having features and information sources available within Teams, saves information workers 15 minutes per day and firstline workers 5 minutes per day! The total savings over three years is nearly $4.8 million!

Furthermore, employees who work with outside organizations save time by having a shared workspace. Teams can be extended to customers, suppliers, and other outside parties. This enables better collaboration across organizations, which increases customer satisfaction and retention. For the financial analysis, 350 users working closely with customers save 24 minutes per day with Teams. This totals $759,493 over three years according to Forrester. 


Teams CallingTeams Calling

Adding the Calling Experience to Teams
In 2020, Teams Calling Plans and Microsoft 365 Business Voice became available in Denmark. The possibility of adding a calling experience to Teams is rapidly picking up traction and more and more customers are seeing the clear value of being able to do all communication, both internally and with customers, through Microsoft Teams. 

Now more than ever we need a seamless way to stay connected and Teams brings together calling, meetings, chat, collaboration and apps, helping you easily staying connected right in the flow of your work. It includes fantastic capabilities like spam identification, outage protection (survivable branch appliance) and the ability to take calls with you on the go with seamless transfer to your mobile phone, it really is a secure and modern way to handle all your communications. 



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