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M365 & Security - Presales Bootcamp for partners

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Remote work used to be nice for many, but in today’s climate it has become a critical part of many organizations’ long-term success. At the same time, people with the right skills can be hard to find, so many customers will count on you as a partner to deploy and secure their business-critical systems and data.

Microsoft has built solutions to help you make the most of this new environment, whether it’s enabling remote meetings and collaboration, or ensuring the data that’s no longer confined to your customer’s network remains secure and compliant. 

Managing that first touch point with a client is a crucial step in establishing an ongoing partnership. We’re excited to invite you to our first Microsoft 365 & Security Partner Presales Bootcamp to learn more about conversation best practices, objection handling, and sales programs. Consisting of seven unique 150-minute live sessions, from September 29 to October 13, this comprehensive training series offers you a deep-dive into various conversation starters across Microsoft 365. Interact directly with our sales specialists and get follow-up experience to directly apply your learnings in your day-to-day job. 


Who should attend this virtual bootcamp?

This training provides presales and practice leads to a deeper understanding of ways to have more impactful conversations and how to work closely with Microsoft sales on this joint opportunity.  

Recommended Audience: Presales roles, technical consultants or Modern Work practice leads from our consulting or systems integrator partners, with foundational skills in the relevant workload around productivity, collaboration, security or compliance.


The bootcamp is designed to prepare you for: 

  • Engage your customers in relevant, value-add conversations to identify their needs.
  • Improve your impact by showcasing real-time customer benefits, not just product features.
  • Generate more opportunities through upselling and cross-selling. 
  • Effectively follow up and align with Microsoft field sales to accelerate the customer journey.
  • Communicate licensing options and resources to successfully navigate the sales process.

Sign up here: Microsoft Corporate (eventbuilder.com)