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Big Deal Support - Demand Response

Microsoft has recently started an initiative called Demand Response where the idea is to support customers and partners to effectively land deals that best support the needs of customers in the SMB space. The team consists of two highly qualified professionals (Ditte & Thomas), who's role is to support and help make the most of every deal. 


What they do:

  • they work alongside partners as an extended part of their sales team on any deal over $5.000/year
  • they support with deal structuring, technical specialists, and licensing specialists
  • they offer the customer a direct contact in Microsoft - that can vouch for the partner
  • they maintain a clear communication with the partner throughout the process

What they don't do:

  • they do not contact the customer without speaking to the partner first
  • they do not push the customer in another direction - it's supposed to be a win/win/win for all
  • they do not provide support after licensing transaction / post sale

How they do it:

  • they focus on customer success and supporting partner/customer relationships
  • they work exclusively from leads to stay compliant
  • they give regular and consistent updates on deals and expect the same in return from partners
  • they grow, upsell and execute on deals alongside the partners
  • they are well connected with internal specialists and bring their expertise to the table when needed
  • they work with partners and not against them
  • they support on individual opportunities but can also have a holistic pipeline collaboration w. partners - the more partners are willing to share and work with them the more they can support partners and their customers

How can partners engage the Demand Response team?


Although Demand Response is a fairly new initiative, the general feedback from customers and partners who have engaged with them is very positive. We believe that this is a great way for partners to make the most of their larger opportunities in the SMB space if they need help or believe that Microsoft can be of assistance. As a result, we encourage you to make the most of this support provided by Microsoft to partners free of charge. 


Enclosed is a pdf-one-slider about Demand Response. If any questions arise, please don't hesistate to reach out to Ragga regarding opportunities in Modern Work & Security and Jens regarding opportunities in Business Applications.

Demand Response.JPG


And as you can see by the one-slider it’s also possible to reach out directly to Ditte and Thomas.