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Expanding cloud competency requirements to include PAL and CPOR

Whether you're driving use of Microsoft 365 or helping customers develop or manage a service or a solution built on Azure, we're introducing two new ways to help you retain your Cloud Productivity or Cloud Platform competency.

Partner Admin Link (PAL) is available for the Cloud Platform competency
With PAL, you can associate your Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID) with the credentials used for Azure services delivery. It’s built directly into Azure, using platform telemetry to measure your influence on Azure consumption with automatic, precise tracking and easy-to-use functionality.

Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR) is available for the Cloud Productivity competency
With CPOR, you can associate yourself with your customer at the subscription or workload level. It can help you get recognized for the engagement and impact that you drive.

Explore how PAL and CPOR are broadening the path to meeting requirements for cloud competencies.