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Sales Operations Playbook for B2B Startups

B2B enterprise software entrepreneurs that are looking to scale up their business consistently say that the area where they need the most help is "sales". That’s why we’ve created this guide. Based on the insights of founders, experts, and entrepreneurs who have built successful startups, this guide aims to demystify the entire sales process for startups. This guide explains where to start, what to do, and what to avoid. It covers everything from making the first sale to structuring the organization, expanding internationally, building a partner channel, and identifying salary ranges for key roles across different countries.


Download the playbook here


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Level 6 Contributor

When people say that "The customer is the king", that's mainly due to the selling process which might exist between companies. It is true for B2B startups entrepreneurs but very long established managers as well. The selling prosess is for corporate leaders and the whole company like the blood for the human organism; without sales, nothing else can survive and all the enterprise ecosystem is going to vanish. Thank you so much Cathy for this important playbook.

Level 4 Contributor

Thank you, this is indeed great resource for start-ups!