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OCP Catalog Listing migrating into AppSource

Did anyone else receive an email about OCP catalog listing being migrated into AppSource and have any additional insight?

See inline below:

 "As part of our effort to modernize your experience, on March 4, solution listings and associated bills of materials will be visible to Microsoft employees in AppSource instead of OCP Catalog. "

Our team is currently in process of creating AppSource Listing but we already have OCP Catalog Listing. Just want to make sure we aren't doing double work.






Hi Matt,


Great question. No duplicate effort here. What you're working on in AppSource is a customer-facing listing.

Effectively, we're changing where our field views your existing internal (OCP Catalog) listings and bills of material so that they're better integrated into our seller toolset and processes. This will help our sellers better discover solutions like yours from our partners. You'll continue to create and update Microsoft field-facing listings in OCP Catalog, which will be renamed OCP GTM in the near future, so don't be alarmed Smiley Happy. And you'll continue to create and update customer-facing listings in Cloud Partner Portal.


Hope this helps clarify!

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Hi Justin,


That makes sense! Thanks for the reply.





@czhu, can you help here. Thank you in advance.


Community Manager

@justin Is this something you can assist with? Thanks!


@ellacroi, can you assist... thx