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Noob to MPN with Client Use Case

I have a client that has a subscription to Office 365 (Personal) that is expiring soon. The client (Mac User) would now like to use her current domain for email with Office 365.  My approach is to have her purchase Office 365 Business Essentials. This would provide Exchange and the ability to map email (MX) to her current domain. My questions are 1) is this the correct solution and 2) as a MPN can I acssociate the subscription with my MPN account?


Thanx in advance for your comments,



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Office 365 Business Essentials should do the trick.  


for question number 2: if they are existing customers you will need to request for a reseller relationship:





And I also suggest that you sign up to become an indirect CSP partner which you can easily do if you contact a distributor like Techdata or Ingram.



Regards, Per