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Issues due to "Generalize" process in Azure

@RajWe have a customer use case that we want to implement on Azure. However due to Generalize process in Azure, we are unable to succefully implement customer needs. Here is a breif summary:  

Workflow needed to meet customer's need:

  1. Create a VM
  2. Deploy one or more applications in it
  3. Add any files into the user’s desktop / directories if required
  4. Now create a VM image that is pre-bundled with the apps installed and data stored
  5. Use the image to re-create the environment in multiple VMs

Issue with Generalize Process:

  • When we create a VM, we login as a specific user (say administrator)
  • When we install most applications, there are certain user specific configurations and files that get saved within the user’s profile
  • Azure has a process of creating VM images, which is called “Generalize”. This would remove all users in that VM and also the corresponding user profile data/configurations.
  • When we create a new VM from this “Generalized” image, we can only create a fresh user. If the applications installed had any dependency on the user’s profile for any files/configuration – they will no longer work properly

We are able to achieve the customer use case on other Public CLoud Services provider so certainly can use them. 

Question/help needed- Does anyone have a sloution to mitigate our challanges due to Generalize process on Azure ?




Hi Parul, 

Thanks for your feeback. Please have the Startup submit a support ticket here: 


Select -> Problem Type: Marketplace Onboarding  -> Category: -> Technical Marketplace Query 

In the email ask for a meeting with the Onboarding team, add link to this thread,  include your offer Name, and pubilsher Name. 





@czhu, who can help Corestack? Thanks in advance