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Inspire Event - Startup Participation?

@Raj : Hi Raj, is there a #startup aspect to attending Inspire event - we would really like to attend, need help. Thanks!


@AsrarK, any initial comments re what you are doing at Inspire around Startups, and when can partners expect external communication; Thank you. @czhu, fyi. @PerWerngren  thank you for the comments, very relevant.




Hi Raj,


I would really encourage you to go to Inspire! Regardless if you're a start-up or if you have been around for some time, this is a great conference that will give you insights in Microsoft's planning for the year to come. You will also be able to learn from fellow partners and to extend your network and that comes with a very high value.


First Time Attendees (FTAs) is the name being used for the ones coming to Inspire for the very first time and I encourage you to take part activities that are being held especially for you.


Enjoy Inspire and I hope to see you in Vegas!


Regards, Per