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FinServe Partner Event - Q1 2019

We are wanting to do a FinServ event in Toronto Q1 with MongoDB and Microsoft to talk about Stratifyd + MongoDB + Azure. Who would we speak with from your side? FYI @Raj

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Dear Sir,


Sub:  Request for an Application to obtain Silver Learning Partner License-Reg


Ref:   Office 365 Program in our campus-Reg.


We hereby request to issue us an application form, Specimen of MOU, Agreement, to obtain a Learning Partner License to conduct Office 365 Program in our campus.


We are an authorized CMA-CAT Oral Coaching Center (S-160) at Madurai.


We hereby inform that, our institution has an Excellent Administrative, Academic and Other Buildings with sufficient accommodation to meet the immediate academic and other space requirements as specified by all the ICMAI and University courses, with adequate scope for future expansion in conformity with those prescribed.


Our Institution has adequate essential civic facilities such as water, electricity, ventilation, separate toilets for boys and girls, telephone, internet etc. in conformity with the norms laid down by the Institute.


Our institution has Director/Principal and adequate number of teaching and nonteaching staff having qualified.


Our Institution has a well stocked library with adequate text and reference books for relevant course.


Our Institution has appropriate furniture for lecture/seminar rooms, laboratories, library, faculty rooms, tutorial rooms, and administrative wing of the multipurpose complex.


Our Institution has adequate Laboratory equipment for meeting the requirement of curriculum and syllabi; adequate computers, software, internet and printers.


Our Institution is already approved by Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation Training for Banking and Accounting, Accounts Assistant using Tally.


We are presently authorized by Tally Net Working Partner to conduct all programs.  


 I hereby request your immediate consideration to grant us permission for conduct of CMA (ICT) Training center approval to our Institute and oblige.


Thanking You.


Yours truly,








MADURAI – 625 002,

MOBILE: 93441 08771




Hello @captmattjones and @Raj, you can reach out to our Financial Services Corporate Marketing leads Matt Stern (mastern@microsoft.com) and Maddie Moyer (madmo@microsoft.com). Thanks for showing interest in Microsoft Finserv! Howard

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Hi @HowardBush, thank you for forwarding the Financial Services Corporate Marketing leads to reach out to regarding our Event. Looking forward to touching base with the team. FYI @Raj


@czhu, can you help. Can we have one of the FSI industry leads comment on this request. Thank you

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Looping in Industry!

@MichaelWelch Is this something you and your team can assist with? 


@MichaelWelch ping 🙂


Adding @HowardBush to the ask. to asissit.