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Azure admin password needs resetting

We are hoping to receive assistance,  our Microsoft technical lead Shayak is locked out and needs help resetting our Azure Admin username and/or password; screenshot is attached.  


Looking for for resolution with the appropriate partner technical support team.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.






What did support say why they can't help?

What is the problem withusing the self-service password recovery (The option also visible in the provided screenshot in the login dialogue)?

It is quite difficult to help if it is unclear what the actual problem is.


I guess there are no other users with admin roles in AzureAD you can use? 


@sclark  can you respond to @JanoschUlmer please. Thank you

Level 1 Contributor

Hi @JanoschUlmer  thanks for your response, I'm checking with our team and will update you here asap. 


@czhu , they have already been working with Azure support; 

their problem is still not resolved. Any guidance. Thank you

Community Manager

I would recommend also going to the Microsoft Technical Community for additional insight. They have Azure forums, which you can find here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Communities/ct-p/communities