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Azure Marketplace - not generating leads

My name's Eric, I'm with DefinedCrowd (data platform for AI), part of @Raj's startup portfolio. We're currently working to improve our marketplace presence and seeking information on how to generate more leads through Marketplace.


Hi Eric,

Great question. 

It looks like you have a SaaS "Contact Me" listing. Because there isn't a trial experience, it helps to maximize the marketplace's functionality to showcase your product and give potential customers confidence in clicking "Contact Me." Or, in other words, think of the listing itself as a marketing asset to use in a campaign or to promote your company and solution. 

Here are some recommendations:

1. Make sure you've entered keywords in the Cloud Partner Portal on your offer details page. These keywords are included in the marketplace search algorithm, and will help your solution appear in relevant searches.

2. Consider adding formatting to your offer description section to call out a customer value proposition, or a testimonial, or other information that might help customers easily understand how to use your offer. Customers often skip over listings they can't read easily. You can see our list of content validation items, which can help you think of some ways to add/change your language here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/marketplace/marketplace-criteria-content-validation

3. Add some useful links in CPP (on the storefront tab). If you have any whitepapers or downloadable materials that might help customers explore your solution, these are great to have as part of your marketplace listing.

4. Add a trial! Adding in a trial experience will give customers another way to interact with your solution.