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Analyst exposure


We would like to know if there is any help possible from Microsoft side to get noticed by Analyst community. Is it possible to get some exposure under the Microsoft umbrella.

@Rajplease let us know.





Re: Analyst exposure

@czhu, can marketing comment here? can you help. thanks

Community Manager

Re: Analyst exposure

Hi Manish,

Microsoft doesn't manage analyst relations with partners, but I'll defer to the rest of the community for any advice/best practices from other partners!



Re: Analyst exposure

My advice is to continue to do great things as that will most likely help you to get noticed! :-)

I suggest that you identify a few analysts that you reach out to and build a relationship with. Don’t get upset if they don’t have much time for you - try to keep them informed about important things without spamming them and respect that this is a long-term investment.

And if you’re a thought leader in your space, please try to use that in your relationship with them. 

And always, please respect their integrity as they make their own decisions about how to form their opinions!

Regards, Per