Microsoft Partner experience with Solution Assessment

Want to know how Microsoft partners describe the experience with Solution Assessment? Here is what ADD, Slovenian 2021 Microsoft Partner of the Year, says about it: ''We at ADD noticed that IT and Security trends are becoming highly complex to follow. How to operate with on-prem infrastructure if there are so many limitations (end of life, no agility, high costs, a limited workforce for managing, etc.)? Where to start the migration to the cloud? What is the value of it? How to enable Zero-trust security? Where to find savings and how to transform the organization into a data-driven company? 


Solution Assessment as a Microsoft Service is a perfect starting point to consult our customers and new prospects on optimizing their operations. 


One of the examples is a manufacturing company with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide. The main challenge for them was to consolidate multiple IT environments and improve security levels. With Solution Assessment, we have enabled them: 

  • To have accurate and detailed AS-IS analysis of current IT environments: sizing, inventory, dependency mapping, threat analysis. 
  • To utilize recommendations that resulted in over >50k$ savings right away: Windows Server and SQL Servers reached End of Support --> we proposed them SQL Managed Instance (Paas) and Azure VMs (IaaS); We showcased them Azure Hybrid Benefits with TCO analysis and comparison with current on-prem costs; Customer leveraged additional savings with existing resources utilization, mainly due to many over-scaled VM's and more.  
  • A strategic workshop with the management board to find possible optimizations for future development. 
  • To prioritize projects based on facts, impact, and ease of execution.

For us, this was a new customer, and we started our business relationship by becoming their trusted advisor and not only a product-oriented seller. We gained trust and integrity with new customers and fostered existing business relationships. It differentiates us from other providers in the industry and has become the essential tool for the "Cloud Go to market" strategy.''


If you want to learn more about Solution Assessment as a Microsoft Service, contact your local Solution Assessment Specialist or reach out to

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