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Microsoft Inspire, Its Really INSPIRE

Hi, My name is Pavan Verma from New Delhi, India.

Let me brief you about my core expertise, Having 13+ years of professional experience wherein predominantly I worked on Microsoft Cloud Product sales & its licensing. During this journey I handled various sales oriented roles, Building strategy, driving customer satisfaction, Closely working with large customer in optimizing their requirement and designing best of the possible licensing options. At present i am associated with SISL Infotech & TechJockey, handling their Microsoft business for India & UK. 

Honestly sharing about self, Microsoft is my passion and i love to spend time on Microsoft portals, get knowledge about all Product, Licensing, Partnerships etc. updates. I truly enjoy my time in exploring these updates and then share with all my team members.

Microsoft is a company which really work for partners and design program accordingly to provide as much as possible benefits to them, always super excited to attend Microsoft events, Meeting Microsoft Team and implement learnings in organization. 

Registered for almost all the webinars except just few, Attending these online webinars and also downloaded the presentations (wherever available) to go through again and share learnings with my team.

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It's really Interesting.. Sure I will go through presentation and get back.