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Microsoft Build Passport Challenge 2019

1. Hi I am Sandra Miller. I am from Redmond, Washington. I work for Quadrant Resource.

2. I am very passionate about work and i take privilege of dealing/helping various verticals to increase my knowledge. Learning new technology trends, 5 new english words, branding with a new perspective, Writing like today it should be the best and listening to Informative Podcasts are the works which i usually do at work.

I love cooking and trying new recipes and i am a big fashion lover i design my own dresses. I shop a lot in budget and i sing for fun.

3. Microsoft has given me chance of understanding and learning various technologies, support and professionalism. From a year i am exploring various competencies which Microsoft provide and opportunities it gave to all different section of companies. I have even learnt patience and problem solving skills from Microsoft support executives and  i am looking forward to utilize Microsoft resources to gain every updated knowledge in each and every aspect.

4.Leadership and Talent Development in the Digital Age,Iskender Dirik’s ScaleUp Masterclass, How to Build and Scale an Effective company culture