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Microsoft Build Passport Challenge 2019 Entry

Hello, I'm John Hilpp from Lebanon, KentuckyJohn HilppJohn Hilpp.

I've spent a number of years building websites for small businesses, but this year I've ventured into creating BigBluePros.com, a sports site devoted to covering professional athletes who played for the University of Kentucky. Part of the intention is to create a network of like minded sports bloggers who would do the same for their alma mater. Thats my way of combining work and passion. My idea of fun is doing things with my wife.

I've spent allot of time over the years getting familiar with Microsoft developer tools and it's now time to put what I've learned, and learning, into action in my next project, using C#, ASP.NET and Azure.

I signed up for 'The 5 Common B2B Sales Mistakes of SaaS Startups' and intend to watch others too.