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"Signature Cloud Support" does not exist!

.. at least not in Germany!

We are Microsoft Silver Partner "Small and Midmarket Cloud Solution" (Partner ID 878472). In the last weeks I opened several Office 365 tickets on behalf of our customers exactly the way it is described on https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support/signature-cloud-support = Delegated Admin, Partner Admin Center, ....

I learned that theses tickets were created as standard "concierge" tickets. They were handled by "concierge agents" that were pretty clueless about technical subjects, had to ask the "experts" for all and everything and were asking stupid enduser questions ("Have you looked at your spam folder?") when I presented a mail header to solve a urgent company wide mail delivery problem.

So created a new ticket (#12124147) and asked how I could get the advertized Signature Cloud Support ("You will receive access to technical support engineers who will work directly with you, have extensive product-specific knowledge...."). The answer I got was that he asked his manager and confirmed that he (the "concierge agent") is the correct person for me to talk to and that there is no other support option available!

So below the line: There is nothing like a "Signature Cloud Support"! Tickets created by a partner on behalf of a customer are handled the same way and by the same (clueless) people as tickets created by any random customer.

Does anyone have any information that the German support is not able or willing to give to me? How can I get in contact with a qualified support engineer when I need one?


Florian Pürner
KOPFteam GmbH
Munich, Germany


Hi Florian,

I completely understand your frustration. I'm looking for the right answers for you, so please stay tuned.



Hi Florian and Willy,

I've escalated this to our support leadership, and they confirmed that they were having intermittent issues routing tickets to the appropriate technical teams, which caused the delays and confusion. Support confirmed that Signature Cloud Support is a good option for you to unlock partner benefits, and that they're working on resolving any outstanding routing issues ASAP. 

In the meantime, I highly encourage you all to attend the Ask Me Anything event happening this Wednesday at 9am PST on How to Navigate the Microsoft Partner Support Experience. If you cannot make it, this session will be recorded. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!


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Hallo Florian,

selbe Situation hier in Österreich. Concierge Support antwortet gar nicht oder nach Tagen/Wochen. Der einzige Strohalm ist der Support der Distributoren, wenn es ein Kunde mit CSP Lizenzen ist. Hier haben wir mit Techdata bis jetzt bis auf einmal ganz gute Erfahrung gemacht. Microsoft selbst kontaktieren wir gar nicht mehr, das macht keinen SInn. Wir haben auch unsere Silver-Partnerschaft nicht mehr verlängert. Hier Geld einzuwerfen für diese Gegenleistung wäre Irrsinn.

Schöne Grüße,