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Windows Server 2019 - MPN licenses


I'm sorry if I write in the wrong place but i have two questions. Within the MPN competencies we have 144 Windows Server 2019 Datacenter licenses. I wonder, if in my case i may licensing  144 cores or 288 cores ? Does one MPN license for Windows Server 2019 contain 2-packs core ?



Tomasz Maciejewski


Those are single core licenses, so you have licenses for 144 cores. The usual rulings reg. Windows Server-core based licensing apply (minimum 8 Cores per CPU, minimum 16 cores per server required)

The 2-core pack is just the SKU that is sold via commercial channels.


Also note that within IUR you get different licenses for Windows Server 2019 and for Windows Server Semi-Annual. The keys and licenses are not interchangeable, so you can not licenses for cores for Semi-Annual versions for Windows server 2019 installations

Kind regards, Janosch
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Hi Janosch, I have a similar query regarding this.

First of all, thank you for your information because I couldn't find any information about the IUR license is 1-core/2-core/16-core.


My partner has a server with:
• 2x processors
• 12 cores per processor for a total of 24 cores
• This server host 5x VMs

His ask:
O Would I need to purchase 36 2-core-packs when using MPN Windows Server Standard on the host and VMs?
O If I use the MPN Windows Server Datacenter on the host, would I need to purchase 12 2-core-packs?O Basically What I am trying to understand is whether I need to purchase 2-cores-pack when using any MPN Windows Server license to really see what is the real benefit?
My answer, correct me if I'm wrong

You have a server which has 2 processors * 12 cores, that is 24 cores in total, that means you need 24 Windows Server 1-core licenses to license the hardware level.

Then we can talk about the virtualization level, since we need to run 5 VMs on top of that:

  1. If it’s Standard licenses, 1 Standard license allow you to run 2 VMs, so that 5 VM means we need to multiply 3 to 24 1-core licenses, that is 72 1-core Windows Server Standard licenses.
  2. If it’s Datacenter licenses, you can run unlimited VMS, that means you only need 24 1-core Windows Server Datacenter licenses.


Thanks in advance.

Community Manager

Hi Tomasz,

Great question. I recommend you check out the Microsoft Tech Community with this question and/or create an Azure support ticket for further assistance. Hope that helps!