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When does Relevant new customers acquired get updated?

We are waiting on the Enterprise Mobility competency to be met as we've added sufficient new EMS customers recently. The new customers number doesn't seem to be updating though and I'm loathe to wait an hour on web chat or speak to the partner regional centre as I never have a happy experience!


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Good day @Bleckfield & @JASA1976 ,


This seems like an integration matter, can you please share the ticket numbers with me so we can check on our end as well ?


Have a great day ahead!

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MPN 201901071544026416


Not had an update for a while.

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I'd like to know exactly how long its supposed to be for customer data to be reflected, but also I get inconsitancies between the competency reports and what it says against the competency in the detail option.


On the competency mine shows as 2 new customers, but in the report 5. Number of active seats is also out.

Also been told, but not had it confirmed that if you buy and of the products through M365 that it doesn;t count.

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Its 4 weeks.


I've had a support ticket open now for months trying to sort out tracking of our CSP sales against our competencies and slowly working out whats going on. Only two that I've not got sorted so far are when you get InTune as part of M365 and Dynamics 365 as it shows us as having no customers.