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Top 50 Microsoft Partners of 2018


Find out the very best examples of Microsoft Partner websites, blogs and social media channels in our free Microsoft Inbound Marketing Excellence Report 2018:

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Following up from what Robb asked, Is there a similar publication or any documentation available for B2B Mid-Market or SMB space? This report is excellent! Already sent it to multiple colleagues.

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Hi James, we're really pleased to hear you like our Inbound Marketing Excellence Report!

However, we currently only do one report for the whole partner network. If you would like to learn more just drop us an email - hello@fiftyfiveandfive.com




This is a great report and well worth to study as it gives guidance on how to go from good to great! You guys at FiftyFive & Five have really put lots of energy in compiling this and kudos for that!


Regards, Per

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Thanks for your kind words Per! 


This is a really interesting report. I want to dig in deeper and then comment further. I will share with my marketing peer group as well. 



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Thanks Robb!
If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch with us Robot Happy


Do you do any reporting of this nature on the B2B Mid-Market or SMB space?

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Hi Rob, thanks for your question!

This is something we can talk about. Please email us at hello@fiftyfiveandfive.com and we can give you some more information.