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Level 6 Contributor

Security Competency

Does anyone know when the new Security Competency becomes available?


At the moment its not visible in the partner centre and if I try to go to the link for the Microsoft Professional Program in Cybersecurity I go to the Microsoft Academy, but get 

We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found


Community Manager

Hi @JASA1976 ,


Thanks for raising this with MPC!

The exact date for availability has not been communicated yet.

Please keep an eye on the Community and Partner Center for updates.


Kind regards,




Level 6 Contributor

Seems to be a common theme at the moment that Microsoft release all the details for something before its live as with PALS and then we are all left scratching our heads wondering why when we come to do it we can't find the options.


For all the recent exams though they seem to have gone the oposite way and released all the exams motnhs before any books or training material. Just seen that the book for the exam relating to security competency has been put back to a January release.


I'll wait to see it appear in the dashboard.

Level 6 Contributor

This was annouced as part of the key notes speech as now been available, but still can't see it.

Community Manager

Hi @JASA1976 


I did some research and the Security competency is targeted to be available for partners to attain and purchase in the partner center dashboard in FY20 Q1, which means anytime until September 30th. 

There is no particular action you need to take.

Hopefully this will appear on PC dashboard as soon as possible. (: