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Referrals Insights

First week back of the new year and we are doing our planning for the year and a look back on howthigs have gone. As part of this I've been looking at the refferal insights in the partner center, but not sure what good and bad should look like. Should I be giving the sales team a hard time, do I need the marketing team to update our profile as its atracting the wrong referrals or is our conversion rate from referral to won deals actually about average.


What sort of conversion rates should i be expecting to see, so what percentage of referrals won? Over the last 12 months we have had more referrals than ever before, but finding it hard to find what percentage i should be expecting to see being won by the sales team. I oubviously don;t expect a 100% conversion rate, but feel at the moment that ours is too low or is it just that i have high expectations?