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Partner Center Issues

Over the last 2 weeks I seem to be experiencing a few issues with the partner center, but if I look at the status everything shows as ok.

Some of the issues are:

1. The analysis for Referrals appears to have disappeared, so i can no longer report on how many we've received and how successful my sales team are at converting them in to orders. This was really useful and I used weekly to assess performance.

2. For some reason from no where we had suddenly achieve all the prerequisites for a number of advanced specializations even though for example on ones for Teams it said we had the 4 required people passing the exams yet in the detail showed 3 and we had reached the performance targets yet in reality we were are yet to achieve them, but now its gone the other way and I no longer see any assessments that we have done showing against competencies or advanced specialisations.

3. Exams and assessments passed in the last 2 weeks don't appear on the skills report.


Is it just me that is seeing these issues or do other partners as well?


Hi @JASA1976 ,


Thanks for sharing this case with the community. Given there are various impacted areas, if you haven`t done so already, please raise a case with support.


Thank you,