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Partner Center - Insights

I received a notification this morning when I went in to the partner portal that reports were now available in Insights, so I've been and had a look, but I can't correlate the figures in there against those showing against our competencies. Specifically Enterprise Mobility Management.


In the competency it shows us that for Gold that we are at just over 2500 active entitlements, but in insights we show a license count for EMS of well over 5000. One way to explain the difference would be if we've managed to sell 2500 licenses of EMS to customers that haven't then used it, but I can't find a way in the portal to look at inactive licenses. Is there a report somewhere that you can use to see this?

The other explanation is that one of these figures is completely wrong. Has anyone else got the same issue and is it just that Insights is still in Beta?

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Hi @JASA1976 ,


Thank you for sharing this feedback with the community!

There is available documentation on this topic, here you can see more information:

It might be that inactive licenses are not included in the report, however my best advice would be to reach out to support on this matter, they can look into the issue.

Enterprise Mobility –License Usage provides the usage details of Enterprise Mobility licenses sold or managed by the Partner. It also provides customer information and key metrics such as active entitlements, qualified entitlements and so on. The report is aggregated on a monthly basis.


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I've raised a support case, so will update once I get a response.