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Partner Center Dashboard redirects to docs.microsoft help page

Hope I put this in the right location - if not I apologize and appreciate a hint on where exactly to put this topic.
We have transitioned our MPN-membership over to the new Partner Center and I am able to log into Partner Center with an account that is associated with our organization and that has global administrator rights.
When I connect to https://partner.microsoft.com/de-at/dashboard it immideately redirects me to https://docs.microsoft.com/de-at/partner-center/. When I use the link https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/dashboard/directory, I am able to see the Partner Center Dashboard. However, as soon as I click any function like "Partner Settings" or "Organization Profile", I get redirected again.

I do have an active support case with Microsoft about this, but they keep sending me generic questions like to try accessing the dashboard in a private tab or to follow documentation which require access to the dashboard in the first place.

Here's what I tried: 

- access the site in a private tab

- access from outside our company network

- create another user in AAD with global admin rights and access with that user

If anyone here has encountered similar problems before or has any idea on what else we could try, I would very much appreciate your help. Since transitioning over to Partner Center we have not been able to manage our competencies etc at all because of this situation.

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I had this same issue. That one link above, to /dashboard/directory, turned out to be the fix for my situation -- for some reason the Partner Center was defaulting to a different organizational tenant (that I was also a part of via B2B). Switching back to our organization's tenant fixed the problem. It would be nice if there was an appropriate error message for that scenario, rather than an inexplicable redirect to the docs site. At least redirect to a helpful page of "possible reasons you were redirected here". 😛

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I am running into the same issue.  anybody found a solution / guide to this issue.

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I've had this a few times and it seems to be when I've been signed in to the browser with one of my other Microsoft accounts rather than the one linked to my companies Azure AD.

Find that I either have to sign out of all accounts and restart the browser or use in private browsing.

@wfaroun There are multiple potential issues discussed here in this thread - can you describe what you are experiencing exactly and was has been done so far?

And did you already open a support ticket to get help?  Partner Center/MPN support team is the right team to contact for any issues. Of course we can try to help here- but e.g. an account cleanup can only be performend by support.

Kind regards, Janosch
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Hi We are facing with same issue while Migration PMC  to New Partner center.now our issue is solved.

I am sharing link for signup /Migration PMC to new partner center.


please try with this link( sign with your current partner Primary email id. 




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I too have the same issue.  I haven't started a case with Microsoft but it's aggrevating that I keep getting redirected.  I hope there's a solution soon.

Update: I eventually reached a chat agent.  After discussing the issue, we found that it involved me migrating to the Partner Center with an old onmicrosoft.com account that I recently changed from.  We were using GoDaddy's Office 365 account which had limitations when going through the admin portal.  We used Action Pack to move to the Microsoft's version of O365.  However, when I migrated to the Partner center, it was using the onmicrosoft.com account from GoDaddy.  Microsoft will process an 'account cleanup' and migrate the account again with the preferred tenant.  


Hello  cmallmann


Ask you kinldy if you could provide us yout ticket support #, please? 🙂

we would like to do a follow up on the matter in order to provide you some guidance.

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Hello Laura and thank you for your response,

The ticket number of the ongoing case is SRX1460253058ID. My last information is that it was forwarded to another department.

Thank you for looking into this and if you need any additional info please just let me know.