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New Cloud Solution Provider Annual Billing Option

A flexible option for customers and for your practice

When it comes to moving to the cloud, some customers feel the need to take it one step at a time. To help speed their journeys, the new Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program annual billing option helps to remove perceived barriers of moving to the cloud by providing customers with a familiar purchasing experience (much like buying an annual license) and the ability to avoid currency exchange-rate fluctuations.


Rolling out worldwide in the coming months, the new annual billing option will be available to all CSP partners—whether you transact through the Partner Center or you use the Partner Center API to hook into your own systems.


Annual billing has been at the top of the list of requested CSP program features. But it’s strictly optional. You can integrate CSP annual billing into your customer offerings at any time.


To get more details to help determine if annual billing is a fit for your business model, prepare your backend systems, and integrate the value of annual billing into your sales and marketing plans, join the Early Adopters Program (Early Adopters program). Then send an email with your CSP Test-in-Production (TiP) account (Sandbox) tenant id and domain to pctap@microsoft.com to gain access to the annual billing TiP environment.

The sample code is available through the Early Adopters program Yammer group under Network resources (Early Adopters Network Resources).

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Shout out to @KasperK_ALSO for beating me to the punch!

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It's one of the "perks" of being a #nolifer 😄