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Multi Domain, Multi National Organization - CSP or EA



One of our potential customers is evaluating O365 with the following scenario and they are currently on Gsuite

  1. 430+ Users overall spread across 4 Nations
  2. These users are spread across 4 domains
  3. only one of the domain is in India and the rest of the domains are registered outside India. Customer will not be consolidating the users into a single domain
  4. HQ is not in India

Customer would like to centralize the procurement and enablement of the O365 licenses/subscriptions from India for all the users belonging to multiple domains and multiple locations. 

Kindly clarify if this is possible through CSP route or should we suggest a EA route? Thanks in advance. 


@praveenlua : The main question if the plan is to have those users all in one AzureAD tenant, or in multiple. You can register hundreds of domains in the same tenant - so each user can keep their specific domain name while being centrally managed in a single tenant. Then the question is if there is also an on-premises infrastructure that should be connected (e.g. users are created in local AD, in 4 distinct AD forests, or in one?).

Is there a need to store user data in different datacenter regions? E.g. if users are spread in 4 Nations - are those in the same geography,. or spread around the globe? (e.g. if users are in India and the US, it might make sense to store US user data in the US datacenters for latency reasons - in this case a Multi-Geo SKU might be suitable).


Since there are multiple options and additional questions on the scenario it might make sense to raise a ticket with Technical Presales & deployment Services team: https://aka.ms/technicalservices If you are Partner with Action Pack, Silver or Gold competency you can receive direct consultations from this team.


Kind regards, Janosch
Receive consultations via Technical Presales and Deployment Services team