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Microsoft are just not interested in customer service if you are not psychic

I have been trying for over a week to solve an action pack issue and all roads just lead to the Teleperformance partner frontline advocates who have zero power to solve anything at once any part of an action pack has been used.


There must still be somebody who works for Microsoft themselves who care about faults and not just spout the usual "there is nothing we can do" line 

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Re: Is there a way to actually contact Microsoft themselves not the endless advocates?

I'd like to learn a bit more about which support channels you've been using and what problem you're trying to solve. Have you been leveraging https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/support


What action pack issues are you experiencing?


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Re: Is there a way to actually contact Microsoft themselves not the endless advocates?

I have used all support options from the partner support, I have tried for ages on the livechat, and email which led to a response from 2 supervisors, then a long telephone call, all were no use at all, they all had the same message "once you have consumed any part of an action pack there is nothing at all that anybody, anywhere can do, we will not and cannot do anything to help you"


I have also tried twitter, facebook and linkedin partner support all the same sentence like drones (which I am beginning to wonder if that might be the case)


The basic problem was I renewed my long standing maps (action pack) subscription, added the office365E serial to my account as the emails had expired despite unable to renew last year’s action pack.

I then went to check my Intune subscription which is part of maps and it still said expired and didn’t renew like always.

I contacted support who told me it had renewed as a learning action pack instead and then told me to basically go away until next year with a totally useless and pointless action pack because I used a serial number from what I thought was my renewal, I have since discovered they both contain office 365E so there was no way to tell until it was too late.


I have never had this issue with any company when they will do absolutely nothing at all when a problem or fault or something happens. Faults and errors do occur, so you have to have some leeway and support as life is not perfect.


I am now in the position that I have paid for a useless, pointless service that cannot be swapped, refunded or used as I do not want to do training and can no longer support our customers on the products that are now missing or expired.


I have purchased from one of the world’s largest suppliers of IT resources and between them and the advocates who now run all customer support they don’t give a flying stuff and I am supposed to recommend them to our customers!


I finally sent an email to the CEO of Microsoft who has opened an escalated case that also came back with the once you have consumed a part of the action pack it is still tough luck. 


It is obvious the main skill set we need as a partner is some form of psychic ability to know an issue will arise and then avoid it!!!!!

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Re: Is there a way to actually contact Microsoft themselves not the endless advocates?

Another week another load of emails from them repeating the steps that should have happened when the renewal was made, the escalation team emailed the same people who had already told me they would not help in anyway, not much of an escalation.

Still stuck with a pointless product that somehow I renewed despite not subscribed to it before, daily emails from Microsoft repeating the steps that should have happened but didn’t and refusing to help and constantly reiterating that they can “help build my business or achieve Silver partner status” despite not now having access to the software I was renewing.


Well they have shocked me to the core, although lately Amazon are following this path so there must be a new lack of customer service initiative in the corporate world.

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Re: Is there a way to actually contact Microsoft themselves not the endless advocates?

Hi Mike,


Seems like you used the appropiate channels, so I am really sorry you haven`t got the answer you were looking for.

In order to understand better the status of this issue can you provide the ticket number so I investigate from my end as well ? 


Thank you,