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Microsoft EA to CSP

I have a customer with an EA through another partner. They want to drop the partner and move to Azure CSP.  I have reviewed this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-resource-manager/resource-group-move-resources and this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cloud-solution-provider/migration/ea-payg-to-azure-csp/ea-open-direct-assessment

There seems to be substantial limitations to moving resources to a CSP provider from an EA.  So far no one at Microsoft seems to be able to answer anything but very general questions on this matter.  Any help on who to talk to and how to handle this would be great!

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Microsoft EA to CSP 

I have a client with an EA through another partner. There partner is advising them that the client has to move to CSP and pay for the cost of a manual migration. Can the client not keep there existing licensing structure through another partner or client held. Any insight would be great




What services/licenses does the Customer have?

E.g. for Azure it is the before mentioned move process, for Office 365 it is simply a matter of assigning the same licenses licenses again, no technical move.

Also a CSP partner might be able to offer the migration of services/licenses to CSP within the service-package they are selling to the customer via CSP

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Not adressing your problem but I want to highlight that it is interesting (and expected) that we see customers considering moving from EA to CSP. With all the great flexibility in CSP, I see that this a great fit more several customers and I notice that the size of customers making the move is going up.


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Hi Brian - just wanted to make sure that I didn't miss an email from you. Happy to follow up here if that's preferable.

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Hi Brian (Microsoft)
I would greatly appreciate setting up a call with MSoft and receiving FAQ detailed docs on:
- Azure EA subscriptions transfer to Azure CSP process & technical delivery guidance. (Our customer has over 60 Azure subscriptions moving to an Azure managed CSP service)
- what if any EA Azure service licensing model differences apply if any under an Azure CSP.
I.e. RI commercial parity (via partner portal vs EA Azure portal.
App Dev VSTS license recognition - applied to Azure Dev Ops?
Gold Azure Partner

@SueBridger : Even though it might be a bit late, I still wanted to add some info for you (And also other who find this thread).


For 1:1 technical guidance on migrating customers to Azure as Partner you can open a consultation request at https://aka.ms/technicaljourney 


Generally it is currently a process that requires to manually move services between subscriptions, so the details depend on the type & nature of services.

Also be sure to watch out for changes reg. migration to CSP when the new Azure experience for CSP launches, the soon-to-be-posted operations guide for Partners will include info on possible migration steps: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-gb/resources/collection/new-azure-experience-in-csp#/


For CSP it is also important to know that CSP does not offer any Dev/Test subscription type currently and 3rd party marketplace solution with integrated licensing can not be provisioned (BYOL solutions work).

RI work the same way, but you can't transfer the reservation to a CSP subscription.



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Hi Sue,


To talk or chat with a MS partner support agent, have you had the chance to look at our partner support portal? They'll be able to look into your account specifically to provide you with relevant info.



Hello! It looks like you've found the best documentation already, so I'd like to understand more about the existing challenges and connect you with a subject matter expert. Would you mind sending me a quick mail summarizing your experience at brian.levenson@microsoft.com? Thanks!

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Hi brian,
I want to understand about Microsoft EA to CSP migration but there are some limitation in CSP migration.  I have follow below article but still few query not clear. Please help me to answer to below query.
  1. Can i migrate availability sets VM to CSP.
  2. Can i migrate manage disk vm to CSP.
  3. Can i migrate manage disk with availability sets to CSP.
  4. What is network limitation to micration in CSP.
  5. Can i migrate VPN Gateway.
  6. Can i migrate ASR to CSP.
  7. What limitation to unable to migrate Azure VM & Network & ASR. 

1. Yes, as stated in the article (Availibility Sets, not Availability Zones)

2. Yes, as stated in the article

3. Yes...

4. As stated in the article: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/azure-resource-manager/resource-group-move-resources#virtual-networks-limitations Generally you need to move all parts of the network together (VM+ Network it is connected to, Gateways with the Public IPs etc)

5. Yes, as mentioned in the article this is listed under "Services that can be moved"

6. No, you can not move ASR, nor can you move ASR-protected VMs. You can move the backup vault within a preview.

7. see 6 - limitation is that it is not possible.


For 6 & 7 the recommended approach would be to disable the ASR configuration, move the VMs and network and then recreate the ASR config after move has been facilitated

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I would very much like to learn more about this potential path. We provide a SaaS solution to our customers hosted on our internal Azure tenant that is licensed via an Enterprise Agreement. The challenge we are having is how to best achieve Gold Cloud Platform competency via either the Azure consumption or Hosted option. Our Azure consumption easily exceeds the minimum annual requirement, but not certain how we capture that Azure consumption towards a Cloud Platform competency when we are licensed via EA and not CSP or SPLA. Any feedback would be appreciated.