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Licensing O365 via CSP and EA in the same tenant

Can a Customer license Office 365 via EA and CSP at the same time an maintain only 1 tenant? I have a customer that has O365 via EA but is interested in buying services for contingent workers that don not need the licenses for more than a couple of months, I have talked to them about CSP but we are not sure if they can provision the licenses bought via CSP in the same tenant they have for Office 365 in the EA. 


Can you help?




Re: Licensing O365 via CSP and EA in the same tenant

They can, just send the CSP reseller relationship invite to them and let the global admin accept it. Then you can provision licenses via CSP in this tenant.


Re: Licensing O365 via CSP and EA in the same tenant

Adding one aspect here because I received feedback on this - within an EA contract there is the option for "organization-wide" licensing (aka "company wide") - which has the benefit of getting a better pricelevel, but also has contractual obligation to license e.g. all internal staff with the same set of licenses via the EA ("standardize" ). While this does not change the technical ability to also add CSP licenses, please be aware that in some agreements it might be required to license additional internal users during a true-up.

I'm not an expert on EA agreements, so I cannot say how exactly those terms look like - this is just a general reminder to check the contracts on this. My first answer above was only refrring to the technical ability to do this.


More on the ability to combine different licensing channels in one customer tenant: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/partner-center/multichannel

How to invite the existing (EA) customer is not different as inviting other customers with existing tenants: