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Is is possible for a partner to run CSP subscriptions inside of another customer's EA environment?

I currently have an EA environment directly with Microsoft for Azure and O365 with roughly 20 AZ subscriptions. We have a partner that is hosting 2 subscriptions in a CSP in their environment. We would like to consolidate into our EA environment. Our CSP is pushing back, saying it is possible to have CSP subscriptions into our EA environment. That sounds impossible to me. Can you combine CSP subscriptions into a EA environment? Or would the CSP have to onboard the entire EA environment?

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You can run with both the EA and CSP subscriptions and connect them together at VNet level using cross-subscription VNet peering, so resources whether under your EA or under CSP can communicate. if you are using IaaS or PaaS such as SQL within your subscriptions. It would need administrators at either side to work together to create the peering.