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I saw this first on Linkedin, but now on an offical page.




Is this correct that from July 2020 that we all lose our IUR that we currently have as part of being either action pack, silver or gold partners as well as the 20 incidents per year?


I've seen lots of speculation as the usage guide isn't clear whether its all IUR or is it just on-prem software that we all lose?


Also what exactly is the impact in October this year as it says that product license earned as part of a competency will be specific to the comptency, but isn't that the case now?


Microsoft are obviously giving partners 12 months notice of this, but needs some clarrification so that we can plan as finiancially its going to be a big hit for us smalelr partners.

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@Andra Any news for 2021? Quite a few things changed in 2020, competencies will start to expire soon but there is still no (known?) official statement to whether they will be still available or not.


There are no updates the MPN program team has announced on this for 2021, so they are still available as per the most recent post on this: https://blogs.partner.microsoft.com/mpn/updates-program-change-announcements/?ln=en-us 

Kind regards, Janosch
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Good morning @JASA1976 , 


Starting in October 2019, we will be updating the product licenses included with competencies. Upon renewal product licenses included will be specific to technology associated with the competency you attain. For the latest in product licenses available with your competency, please review the competency benefits table preview. Additional licenses can be purchased through commercial licensing to run your business.

I recommend you follow this thread, for more information: https://www.microsoftpartnercommunity.com/t5/Benefits-Discussions/Microsoft-removing-IUR-Benefits/m-p/11287#M51


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Thanks for your reply, but competencies already give us licenses related to what they are for.


The big question is are licenses that you get through the competencies also subject to the being used only for development and no longer have IUR?




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You are most welcome!


So the product licenses included with a competency are for partners to use on business development scenarios such as testing, demonstration purposes, solution/services development purposes, and internal training.

Basically as of July 1 2020, IURs will no longer be associated with licenses included in the Microsot Action Pack and included with competencies, but product license use rights will be updated to be used in the above mentioned scope.

Does this answer your question ?


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It does answer the question and it appears that it is as myself and every other partner has feared.