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Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

Partner Admin Link (PAL) enables Microsoft to identify and recognize partners who drive Azure customer success.

Optimized for managed services where your organization is acting on behalf of the customer, PAL allows you to associate your MPN ID with the credentials that you use to deliver services within the customer's Azure tenant. Microsoft can attribute influence and Azure consumed revenue to your organization based on the account's permissions (RBAC role) and scope (subscription, resource group, resource instance).

Learn more below and check out the new webcast recording from February 7th!


  1. General: Overview Webcast: Get Recognized for Driving Azure Consumption (Sept 2018)
  2. PAL Specific: Get Recognized for Driving Azure Consumption on-demand link (Feb 2019)


  1. For management and consulting services with admin access
    1. Azure Partner Admin Link Documentation
    2. Contact: AzurePartnerAdmin@microsoft.com


  1. For solutions deployed in customer environments
    1. Azure Customer Usage Attribution Documentation
    2. Contact: AzureISVPilot@microsoft.com


  1. Existing method used for partner incentive programs
    1. Digital Partner of Record
    2. Cloud Solution Provider


  1. Reporting and Insights
    1. Partner Center Dashboard
    2. MyInsights Dashboard
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Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

**The AzurePartnerAdmin@microsoft.com doesn't work - mails are getting bounced. **


Hi Team,


We are helping one of our customers in migrating their work loads to Azure. 


However, there are many Resource Groups in their Subscription. And, we have worked only on few Resource Groups. Is it possible to associated us at RG level? If not, by any chance, Microsoft is planning to add this feature in near future? Please let us know.





Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

Hi Praveen!


If you use PAL to associate your MPN ID with the credentials that you use in the customer's environment, the recognition and Azure revenue attribution is according to the scope of your permissions. For example, if your user account has access to a subset of RGs within the subscription, you will be recognized for the revenue generated by resources within those groups. In fact, PAL association is granular to the invidual resource level.


So the short answer is yes Smiley Happy


P.S.  We decommissioned that DL in order to scale through this community and the formal support channels.

Level 4 Contributor

Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

@brian_levenson do you know if PAL is live yet and when we would expect to see something in our partner portal?


Will Azure consumption tracked via PAL's be shown differently or will it just show up against the comeptencies in the same way that our CSP customers do?

Level 1 Contributor

Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

Thanks Brian,

Would you be able to help me with a couple of quick questions regarding Azure Partner Admin Link please?

  • Are there any news when DPOR will be replaced with PAL (I’m mostly referring to the ACR Incentives)?
  • Upon reading about PAL, it feels like it’s more focused on Managed Services partners, it’s a bit unclear how Professional Services partners will be getting recognition as our permissions can be deleted after the project is completed?



Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

In EA, there is no current plan to replace DPOR with PAL as the association method to reward our partners for the services they provide to customers to drive consumption (ACR).


With regards to the focus for PAL being Managed Services, that is somewhat true. Although, there are cases where even Professional Services partners receive admin access to customer subscriptions during the course of the engagement.  That said, we recognize a gap exists, and are workin on a Claims-based attach method for scenarios where access is not granted. 

Level 1 Contributor

Re: Get recognized with Partner Admin Link

Thank you @wrasheed . May I ask if outside of an EA PAM will replace DPOR? Or we can use the claimed based process you've mentioned for CSP clients for example? thanks