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Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

Hi All,


I'm looking for confirmation or denial if PAL (Partner Admin Link) counts for Clouds Platform competency (Azure utilization option). I have some inconsistent information from different sources.


My company is a solution integrator working on analytics and AI projects. We usually step into the enterprises who already have their Azure infrastructure in place (read - they've already bought Azure from LSP and LSP is typically marked as DPOR). Now, since we are not able to become a DPOR on the client's subscription, we are setting PAL. I'd really love to find out this is a way for us to become a Gold Cloud Platform partner. Otherwise, in my opinion, Microsoft accepts a lot of pathology in partner channel, because it's really not very possible for the IS to become a DPOR in a world dominated by LSPs.


Any official info on that would be appreciated.


Thank you,

Pawel Potasinski


Re: Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

Allowing this to get recognized for Cloud competency was the main purpose of this, also confirmed in the original post for this here in this community: 


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Re: Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

Thank you, Janosch.


However, PAL is not listed on the requirements website (https://partner.microsoft.com/pl-PL/membership/cloud-platform-competency#tab-content-2), and this week we also got the following statement from Partner Center support team:


"Please be advised that link you provided in your recent email is dated back to last year. Competency requirements for all Microsoft partner were updated last year and I can confirm to you that Partner Admin Link does not count towards the competency performance for Cloud Platform. What counts towards this competency for Azure is through Digital Partner of Record association, selling as Direct providers (CSP Tier 1) and Indirect resellers (CSP Tier 2)."


They refer to the link you mentioned...


That makes me concerned. And if it's true, and PAL does not allow to fulfill the requirements for Cloud Platform competency, I'd be very disappointed and call it a pathology - Solution Integrators like my company are not able to win DPOR battle against LSPs selling EA agreements to enterprises... And I've never met an enterprise willing to buy another Azure capacity in CSP while having EA already signed.


I hope this clears up soon, as we escalated it through our local Microsoft sub.


Let me know if we are the only Microsoft's partner dealing with this challenge.





Re: Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

I just had a longer conversation with some folks about that, and I guess I now have a clearer picture on that. 

It really seems that there is some inconsistency in communication and documentation how this can be used - while I see statements that it will count for Cloud Platform specifically it might be it is not active yet , I will also follow on this on my end. Maybe you can share the ticket ID of the support request you raised for this.

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Re: Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

There you go: SRX619012594401049ID.


Please, let me know, if you find out any news on the topic. Ideally, I would love to see an official statement from Microsoft that clears all the concerns. Because from what I have on e-mails it appears that PAL DOES COUNT for Clouds Platform competency.





Re: Does PAL count for Clouds Platform competency?

Sorry for not updating you for this long - I'm still on this and chasing people on this. 

Currently I'm suspecting that this is just a question of "when" it willl count, but I can also share no ETA yet. 


Just to let you know I did not forget your post.