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Cloud Software Solutions vs. point products

How to create 1=1=3 software solutions that drive Azure/Azure stack consumption for workloads (business applications) through P2P with MS

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To pivot off of Per's comment, Microsoft has a wealth of marketing resources you can utilize. Please see this blog about the resources available and read through MPN blogs designed to help partners scale their business. Further, this page on MPN hosts resources that help show partners how to grow their business with CSP.


First - you need to make sure that you have a great value proposition with your software solution. That value proposition should resonate well with customers and also with Microsoft. If Microsoft sees that your solution adds great value to customers they will be happy to discuss with you how to be successful together! you mention 'consumption' and that is of course an important factor for Microsoft because they want more customers to use Azure.


Regards, Per

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Hi Per,

Thank you for your reply…

We (MS) have a base understanding our Business Continuity (HA Active/Active) technology solutions (Software Appliances, Application-as-as-Service and Service Line IP) and how we can drive Azure and Azure Stack Consumption. In fact, we are an Azure Stack Syndication Technology Partner for Business Continuity.

Our GTM is all thru partners (enabling partners for success). We strongly believe based upon other MS partners that we create a great solution for their offerings: Application Migration, Dev/Ops, Security, AI, Business Analytics, DR, backup, Recovery, Agile SW development, etc.

We offer a very horizontal enabling capabilities that create a 1+1=3.

How do we connect with the MS partner ecosystem and let them know what we have?

Bob A.

Hi Bob,

I suggest that you arrange a meeting with someone in your local Microsoft office that is working with infrastructure partners. I don't know where you are based - but it sounds like your solution has a global potential and then you will need to craft a strategy for how to sell globally - and hopefully find people inside Microsoft that can help out.

I also suggest that you become a member in the IAMCP (www.iamcp-us.org/www.iamcp.ca/www.iamcp.org) as that is a great way to find partners if you invest the time and money to go their meetings. I would also consider being a sponsor and exhibitor at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas this July as that is a great place to find partners.

I would of course invest heavily in Digital Marketing as that is a great way to create awareness, to generate leads and to make the selling easier for partners.


Regards, Per