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Cloud Competency Benefits Query

Having received our silver cloud competency benefits, I'd like to confirm what the azure credits can be used for.

Are they for internal dev/test services only or can they be used for live customer services managed by us (non internal dev/test)?

For example, if we setup an Azure API management service that provides a front-end for dev/test and live customer API calls, does this meet the cloud competency usage benefit terms?

Any links/information on the usage terms for the cloud competency benefits woudl be useful.


They're for internal use - not for running production environments for customers.

See here for more info: https://partner.microsoft.com/en-us/membership/cloud-platform-competency (there's a link in the text 'Access Microsoft Azure bulk credits for internal-use. For additional internal-use rights benefits, please refer to the competency benefits' that give you more info when you click, I wasn't able to make it possible to click here in this post).

Hope this helps!


Regards, Per