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CSP Indirect Provider incentives


could someone please confirm whether the CSP Indirect Providers earn any CSP incentives? I know the Indirect Resellers do but I cannot seem to find any definitive answer on the providers' incentive. Your help will be much appreciated.


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Our company has been trying for three years to get Indirect CSP incentives.  So far we have been unable to do so, despite numerous attempts at all levels of Microsoft.   If you are able to get yours to work, please let me know how you did it

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To be eligible to participate, earn and receive Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) incentives, a partner must meet the following criteria:

1. CSP Indirect Provider Program

Partner Eligibility

Partners meeting the below eligibility criteria are deemed eligible for the FY19 CSP Indirect Provider incentive, provided they remain in compliance with all rules, terms, and policies.




Microsoft’s CSP Indirect Provider incentive program requires two elements for eligibility: (1) business elements and (2) operational elements. Partners must meet both business and operational requirements to receive incentive earnings.

New partner onboarding is triggered once Microsoft confirms the partner has an active MPN membership and an active Cloud Distributor Agreement with distributor authorization. The multi-step onboarding process begins with (1) receiving an invitation from Microsoft Operations, (2) onboarding to the Partner Incentive Experience (PIExp) tool, and (3) completing onboarding steps which include the completion of partner bank and tax profile information.

Business Eligibility Requirements

An active MPN membership and a signed and active Cloud Distributor Agreement with distributor authorization.

Operational Eligibility Requirements

Upon completing business eligibility requirements, partners new to CSP incentives must complete a series of operational eligibility requirements. Having an MPN membership and the signed Cloud Distributor Agreement with distributor authorization, triggers the eligibility and onboarding process. Partners can expect to receive their onboarding invitation to the Partner incentive tool within 30 days of completing all business eligibility requirements.

For existing partners who may lose one or more of the business eligibility requirements during the course of a semester (including active MPN membership and active signed Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement), the at-risk eligibility component must be resolved otherwise earned incentives will be lost for the period(s) of ineligibility.

Operational eligibility requirements are as follows:

1. Complete onboarding to the PIExp incentive tool. (PIExp is the primary tool used to calculate and report all CSP incentive earnings).

2. Complete bank and tax information within PIExp. Partner financial information is required for Microsoft to send payments, and for partners to receive their earned incentives.

Reference: https://support.microsoft.com/hr-ba/help/3192802/incentive-eligibility-requirements-in-csp-program 


Contact the support team via partner center

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Hi Natalia,

My understanding is that there are CSP provider incentives. You can get more information and resources by logging in with your MS account through this portal: 


Hope that helps!