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Azure Billing as a CSP/Indirect Reseller

Hi Community,

We're new to deploing Azure through the CSP Platform.  My biggest question on this is, how does one bill this properly?

With Office 365 SKU's it's easy; I see what I pay for an Office 365 E3 and I know what retail is and/or can look it up on the 365 site.

With Azure, not only is everything metered constantly, but there is no way to compare what I pay vs what retail is due to the integration to the distributors.  It's a cleaner integration IMO, but I just have NO IDEA how to mark this up properly and I don't like making up random numbers that can then later be compared by my client.

My disti is Ingram Micro; while I have no other alliance to them, I only mention them as it may be important to the answer.

How are others doing this?  

Is everything paid on the back-end, or is it both front and back like X365 subscriptions?

Any insight would be extremely appreciated.  I figured I would try the community before reaching out to my MS rep.  Something new, why not!



Hello Nick,

We are looking into some helpful information for you on this. In the meantime, have you read through the documentation here to see if you can find what you need? It's worth a read as there's tons of really good information there about metered billing.



Miki, MPC team