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Auto Attendants & Calling Queues in Microsoft Teams aka Skype for Business

It took 24 hours of suffering + stress but I finally learned the following:


If you sell or support phone services that utilize Microsoft Teams aka Skype for Business, note that Microsoft implemented a major change on or around July 3, 2019. The change involves Resource Accounts.


Basically, to assign a Service Number to a new Auto Attendant or new Calling Queue, you need to do the following:

  1. Via Microsoft Teams, create the new Auto Attendant or new Calling Queue
  2. Via Microsoft Teams, create a new Resource Account under Org-wide settings
  3. Purchase a free Phone System – Virtual User license from Microsoft 365
  4. Assign the purchased license to the Resource Account
  5. Assign the Resource Account to the new Auto Attendant or new Calling Queue
  6. Use PowerShell to assign a previously requisitioned Service Number to the Resource Account

Interesting Side Note: Google Phone System – Virtual User & then search for it on Microsoft's web site Smiley Frustrated.