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Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization

I've come across Adoption and Change Management Advanced Specialization in the partner network, but can find no information other than its coming soon. I've not even heard of this at recent Microsoft events, so has anyone got any information on this or do we have to wait for it to appear in the dashboard?


It shows up under Modern WOrkplace, so presume its going to be WIndows 10 and Office 365 related.

Level 6 Contributor

I've had this show up this morning in the partner portal. It related to SHarepoint and Teams and has some quite step perfromance thresholds which puts it out of reach of most small partners.

"Your company must have a minimum of three customer tenants with 40% usage on SharePoint, Teams, and/or Yammer in a trailing twelve-month period.
Your company must achieve a minimum of 10,000 Active Entitlement Growth within SharePoint, Teams, and/or Yammer in a trailing twelve-month period"

What it doesn't show is how these are tracked other than you have to be CPOR. All other advanced specializations let you see at least current status.

Then there is an assessment that 2 individuals need to pass Microsoft Adoption Services Specialist. I've followed the link and while you can do the assessment the course has no content as yet.

Interestingly the advanced speilizations page in the partner network still says coming soon.