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The most important key take aways from Inspire?

With Inspire 2019 now finalized we can all take a step back and look at the key take aways!


I personally think that there is a tremendous opportunity in building applications on top of Teams and to be part of Microsoft's strategy for PowerApps, Flow and Power BI that is about enabling Citizen Developers. This all goes well together and here is also a great opportunity to sell to the line of business and not only to the IT dept. Important if you want to become successful, is to build your own IP and not just transact.


I also think that the pace in development of AI is extra ordinary and here lies are great opportunity. The demo that Julia White did in Satya's Corenote really blew my mind and this was just one example of AI coming to use.


What was your best key take away? Please share!



Regards, Per